Fitnes blogerka razkrila resnico iz zakulisja svojih popolnih bikini fotografij!

Fitnes blogerka razkrila resnico iz zakulisja svojih popolnih bikini fotografij! (foto: Profimedia) Profimedia
11. 9. 2017

Birtanska blogerka @chessieking si je zadala posebno misijo. Svetu želi razkriti, kako enostavno je na fotografijah prikazati tudi povsem nerealno vitko postavo – potrebno je zgolj globoko vdihniti in na vso moč stisniti trebuh vase ter pri tem stati kar se da vzravnano.

24 letna Instagram blogerka se upira aktualni idealizirani estetiki in fotografijam popolnih teles, ki posebej v poletnem času polnijo najrazličnejše družbene platforme.

Na svojem profilu je Chessie objavila serijo fotografij, ki so bile posnete s sekundnim zamikom, s čimer je želela pokazati, kako enostavno je na družbenih omrežjih pretentati sledilce. Za Mail Online je pojasnila, da se počuti slabo, ker je v preteklosti predelovala svoje fotografije tako, da so bile njene noge videti tanjše, prsi pa večje. Pravi, da je Instagram glavni krivec škodljive obsedenosti širne javnosti s popolnimi bikini fotografijami.

| Left photo: Favourited out of the 8 taken & posted. Right photo: Immediately deleted & forgotten about. Both photos unedited & seconds between them. I do so many of these but this one is my scariest & most exposing so far. I was going through my recently deleted folder ready to 'delete all' but saw the right photo & recovered it. I felt this sense of guilt that I'd deleted it & posted the left one. A year ago I would've been left feeling so unhappy by how I look on the right & deleted it forever like it never happened but it was a huge reminder for me today that Instagram can be such a 'perfection trap'. I'm clearly super happy in the right one after @brontekingg had cracked a hilarious joke, I don't hate it but the lighting isn't 'flattering' nor is the way I'm holding my body or the angle of it but it's ME. Both of the photos are me I am proud of how I feel about my body looking at these photos. I feel like I look healthy in both & look after myself but also live without controlling myself like I have done in the past. So your Monday Motivation all the way from Singapore: People post the best photo out of a bunch taken... I know it's said a lot these days but it helps me a huge amount too. If you see a photo of yourself in 'bad' lighting or an 'unflattering angle' just remind yourself how beautiful you are & that you're ALLOWED to look like that. We were not made to be Barbie dolls who LOOK insanely good 24/7, we were made to be humans who FEEL insanely good 24/7

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Z objavami si blogerka iz Londona želi spodbujati pozitivno telesno podobo in svoje sledilce opozariti, naj ne nasedajo nerealnim standardom, ki jim jih vsiljujejo mediji.

"I want to look good for summer" "I want my bikini body back" SURE... but whyyyyy don't you want to look good for winter too? For Father Christmas? ❄️ How about FEELING good for life? FEELING like a superwoman the whole year round? Yes '8 week transformations' are amazing to get you going & if you're learning from them AMAZING... but if you just stop there after the 8 weeks, your body isn't going to stay like that forever AND you may have changed your body but not your mindset. I can change my body in 2 seconds, from the left photo to the right & in both, I feel good. I know I train consistently, I know I fuel myself well, I know it's okay to let my belly out when I'm sitting down next to the pool. SO... long term/life plan: • Educate yourself, that doesn't mean doing a personal training course, that means learning about yourself, how to train & how to eat. • Do your own research, your own body is your best friend, explore it • Find a class you love & look forward to, find a PT that works you hard but looks after you, find a friend that gives you that little boost of motivation when you need it... find things that work for YOU! So tonight, do one thing for me & let your belly release, embrace it, give it a little jiggle

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Chessie tudi ni edina, ki si želi na Instagram vpeljati več transparentnosti. Oglasili so se tudi številni drugi priljubljeni "instagramovci", ki s svojimi objavami prav tako želijo opozarjati, da so družbena omrežja polna idealiziranih in močno preurejenih forografij, ki mnogim ženskam in moškim znižujejo samopodobo, namesto da bi promovirali pozitivno podobo in odnos do lastnega telesa.

Expectation VS Reality I'm not a huge fan of these comparison photos but I think this is a really important message to share. I could have just posted the photo on the left, where my cellulite is edited out, and you would have thought that my body looked like that. Reality check. It doesn't. I'm the same as you. I have cellulite. I'm covered in the stuff (thanks for the genes mum!). Oh and not forgetting my abundance of stretch marks. I've got it all But you know what? I genuinely do not care. I don't even think about it! Let alone worry about it. Why? Because it's natural. It's part of being a woman. Most of us have it, and we have been conditioned to be ashamed of it. Who said it's a bad thing?! Who dictated that fact? No one. It's something we have learnt. A lie we tell ourselves. And I refuse to believe it. Instead I embrace my body with all it's so called "flaws" because it's mine. It is my vehicle through life and I love it for all it does for me. Having cellulite does not define me, it is part of me and for that I am grateful #realitycheck #girlgains #strongsquad #strongzvd #cellulite #stretchmarks #photoshop P.s. Before I get hate. 1) I do not edit my photos like this. I did it for the sake of the post. 2) I am very aware that my legs don't always look like this. It's a result of the lighting and my stride, but it's me nonetheless

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